Fallsmead ES

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Fallsmead ES is located at 1800 Greenplace Terrace, Rockville, MD 20850. The principal is Mrs. Roni Silverstein.


Please rate your experience at this school with respect to the following aspects on a scale from 0 to 10.
  • Inclusiveness: Does the school have a culture of inclusion and inclusive practices in place (e.g., co-teaching)? Are these practices effectively and systematically implemented?
  • Staffing and resources: Does the school have staff and resources to accommodate a wide range of special needs?
  • Cooperation: Does the school staff exhibit a cooperative approach by accepting/requesting the parents' input, listening to concerns, and attempting to resolve disagreements?
  • Communication: Does the school implement progress monitoring plans? Does the staff regularly communicate with parents with respect to their child's progress and challenges? Is the staff responsive when contacted?
  • Academic expectations: Does the staff systematically set high expectations for students with special needs? Does the staff systematically raise expectations when IEP goals are met ahead of time?

Fallsmead ES

Fallsmead ES

Staffing and resources




      Academic expectations


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        1. Staffing and resources




          Academic expectations


          This school’s treatment of kids with disabilities is appalling. They refuse to assess. When you bring outside assessments to the administration, they grudgingly admit there’s an issue, but refuse to see behavior as anything but opposition. They are also vindictive. If you have a kid with invisible special needs, move.

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